People come to therapy for various reasons. Individual Therapy with adults may involve addressing crises, traumas, relationship difficulties, life transitions, anxieties, depression, losses, health concerns, personal development, decision making when faced with a life crossroad, etc.  I believe that every person has the potential for emotional growth. You can conquer your pain and sadness and I will make every effort to be your ally during this process.  Through this journey, you may find strengths that you did not know you had. You may also come to discover that earlier events in your life are impacting your current situation. Together we can find connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions while exploring new skill sets.

I highly respect and treasure the unique strength, knowledge, and situations that each client brings and will tailor my approach to fit such needs. While much of therapy done with adults involves talk therapy, occasionally some clients may be invited to express themselves in symbolic means (art expression, sand tray, etc.).  With your full corroboration, I shall assist you in achieving your goals in therapy.

While having limited reserved openings for Individual Therapy with adults, I deeply value these opportunities and have assisted clients in reaching successful outcomes.